Saison 1

6 épisodes

(2 h 30 min)

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The Man from NY

S1 E1 The Man from NY

While meeting with Rena, Shinjiro suddenly gets a call to stop a rampaging alien. Journalist Kotaro Higashi witnesses the whole incident. Source: netflix

Flames of Fury

S1 E2 Flames of Fury

Kotaro tries to find out more about the strange "maids" he saw just before the mass disappearance in Tokyo, and Moroboshi talks to Agent Adad. Source: netflix

The Man Without the Light

S1 E3 The Man Without the Light

Alien Pedant appears, makes his demands and gives humankind 24 hours to respond. Taro attempts to convince Jack to let him help. Source: netflix

Attack on SSSP

S1 E4 Attack on SSSP

While Jack, Taro and Seven close in on their target, SSSP headquarters comes under attack. Maya makes a difficult decision. Source: netflix

The Golden Fortress

S1 E5 The Golden Fortress

With time running out, Shinjiro joins Jack, Seven and Taro to face the Golden Fortress, the ultimate weapon unleashed by Pedant. Source: netflix

Ultraman No.6

S1 E6 Ultraman No.6

Jack and Taro try to destroy the Golden Fortress from within. In the battle that follows, Shin and Shinjiro confront Pedant together. Source: netflix