Saison 2

26 épisodes

(5 h 38 min)

Le trésor invisible

S2 E1 Le trésor invisible

When the spoiled, bored king passes Flake village, he's attracted by the smell of Hilva's home-baked cake and orders the cook conscripted for his palace kitchen. When Halvar objects, the king orders him jailed. The empty village treasury chest seems useless to buy her back, but inspires Wickie to conjure a way out. He pretends it contains an invisible armor, which renders the wearer invincible, just what the weakling king wants to become the greatest Viking warrior. The ploy works hilariously well.

The Canal

S2 E2 The Canal

Exhausted and loaded with rich loot, Halvar and his crew are eager to return home quickly. The shortest way is a Danish canal, but the thievish royal supervisor exacts a heavy toll, doubled for his own profit. Halvar's confidence to trick him is soon proved misplaced, so Wickie thinks up a sob story ploy and ultimately a plan-B.

Stink Bugs Attack

S2 E3 Stink Bugs Attack

Sven's pirate crew raids Flake while the Viking men are hunting and plans to abducts their wives. Wickie sees that and seduces them to enjoy their cooking, then sneaks off to warn Halvar's party. Their half-cocked attack fails as Sven puts a knife to Hilva's throat, so the men are captured too and must hand o er all treasures. Wickie fields the only weapon he found in the forest: stinker beetles, which he launches by rope-stretched springy tree.

A True Viking

S2 E4 A True Viking

It's time for Wickie to pass the Vikings's local initiation rite, the quest for Erci's jeweled shield. Halvar and some cahoots stage it to seems dangerous but remain safe enough for his smart but frail son. However the bumblers' plans all go wrong, so father and son prove more valor then intended.

Gorm's Seagull

S2 E5 Gorm's Seagull

Nobody stand up to challenge Halvar at Flake's annual chief-election, but the druid and his runes confirm that the gods demand a test. The village chief's (re-)election depend on a seagull landing on his helmet before sunset. Alas, wretched birds only seem interested in clumsy ship lookout Gorm, whose helmet they often set upon at sea. Wickie and the men work out the seagull is attracted by Gorm's fish-reeking cloths.

La peste viking

S2 E6 La peste viking

Wickie has to miss a voyage to due chickenpox, but is recovered enough to play outside already. Halvar's ship is overpowered by Sven's pirates, but they can send a message for help home by pigeon. Helped by seals, he sneakily finds and boards the ship, liberates the men and uses his ghastly salve to fake a zombie infection.

Victory Dance

S2 E7 Victory Dance

Hagar plans to raid an Irish tribe, but his scouting party is overpowered while their laughter betrays them observing the local prime sport and mode of conflict-solving: a dance duel. To recover ship and freedom, Hagar must beat their chief in a dance battle. Wickie gets his rival to coach them, sees it still won't work and comes up with a semi-accidental invention to trade for their liberation.

The Forgotten Treasure

S2 E8 The Forgotten Treasure

Each year, our brave Vikings have to plough the field so they can have enough vegetables and cereal. Unfortunately, Halvar is not ready to do so and rather like to go pillaging. Women are not happy and have blocked the drakkar on shore. Vic tries to plough the field with the drakkar's anchor but it stays stuck in the ground. He discovers the forgotten treasure of Flake hidden between some roots. Vic sows coins in the field so the Vikings have now a great pleasure ploughing! Ylva's happy and lets his husband go pillaging for Vic's relief.

The Hammer in the Stone

S2 E9 The Hammer in the Stone

A hammer is found in a rock in the fields. The Vikings believe it to be the god Thor's, hence granting great magical powers. Halvar and his giant neighbor contest ownership. It's at equal distance of both homes, so the rues say it's for who manages to pull it loose. Both fail, but get a last try after the night, during which Wickie fixes the rock.

The Cavern of Frozen Words

S2 E10 The Cavern of Frozen Words

The Druid Needs a Ride

S2 E11 The Druid Needs a Ride

Fat Flaxe is flattened by stomachache and druid Urobe can't cure him, so the ship brings him to his old mentor's island. They are received by an impostor, who convinces Halvar a cure can only be made from seaweed from another island. While the men gather that, he overpowers the skeleton crew, including Wickie, who must hastily prevent the ship from being stolen.

The Sparkling Race

S2 E12 The Sparkling Race

His ship being past by and nearly keeling-over due to a rich man's much big, faster ship, Halar can't resists a braggart dare. Now his crew must win and earn three barrels of gold or forfeit their 'antique' ship. That looks hopeless, but when the race already seems lost, Wicki invents a jet-like propulsion.

Siren Song

S2 E13 Siren Song


S2 E14 Castaways

Rascals pack leader Gilby plans to humiliate physically weaker Wickie by daring him to a wide jump, but ends up the wet looser as Wickie invents pole jumping. Thure's cousin and his wife visit to show their newborn baby, but get shipwrecked on the local rocks. To out-stage Wickie, the rascal pole-jumps to their rescue, but that proves hard even for all the village men, until Wickie devises and improves a pulley system.

He's My Son

S2 E15 He's My Son

Silent Night

S2 E16 Silent Night

Halvar and his crew expected raiding the island of dreams would be easy, but the rich golden loot is protected by the resident order's sleep-inducing chants. After Halvar is caught sneaking into the treasury, Wickie can barely get a single chance to have them released: showing the stars to the order's superior, who is always fast asleep at night.

Topsy Turvy

S2 E17 Topsy Turvy

Dance with the Wolf

S2 E18 Dance with the Wolf

Old druid Urobe is declared winner of Flake's annual most courageous Viking contest. Jealous, rascal urchin Gilby dares Wickie to spend the night in the wolves-infested wood. After trying to have the wolf scare Wickie away, he ends up teaming up and sharing the credit for trapping it.

Bear Up

S2 E19 Bear Up

Flake is terrorized by a bear who wandered in from the forest, so Halvar tries to take everyone out until the monster is away, however that happened. Bard Ulme discovers, being left behind, that the bear is fascinated and appeased by his lyre songs, which the Vikings all loath. So Halvar must eat humble pie and beg him to save the village by leading the bear back to the Woods, especially since Tjure's preteen son Eric is still at home. Wickie insists he must be granted a fitting wish.

War of the Berries

S2 E20 War of the Berries

The Thief Among Us

S2 E21 The Thief Among Us

Trojan Snorre

S2 E22 Trojan Snorre

Trouble in Flake

S2 E23 Trouble in Flake

Resort Island

S2 E24 Resort Island

The Julbock

S2 E25 The Julbock

Arabian Nights

S2 E26 Arabian Nights