Affiche Au pays du rythme

Casting de Au pays du rythme

Film de (1942)

Acteurs Au pays du rythme

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Vera Zorina Vera Zorina- 'That Old Black Magic' Number
Mary Martin Mary Martin- 'Hit the Road to Dreamland' Number
Dick Powell Dick Powell-' Hit the Road to Dreamland' Number
Betty Hutton Polly Judson
Eddie Bracken Johnny Webster
Veronica Lake Veronica Lake- 'Sweater, Sarong & Peekaboo Bang' Number
Alan Ladd Alan Ladd- Scarface Skit
Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson Rochester- 'Sharp as a Tack' Number
William Bendix Herman the Husband in Bob Hope Skit
Jerry Colonna Colonna - Bob Hope Skit
Macdonald Carey Louie the Lug in Skit
Walter Abel B.G. DeSoto
Susan Hayward Genevieve in Priorities Skit
Marjorie Reynolds Marjorie Reynolds- Swing Shift Skit
Betty Jane Rhodes Betty Rhodes- Swing Shift Skit
Dona Drake Dona Drake- Swing Shift Skit
Lynne Overman Mark in Card Playing Skit
Gary Crosby Gary Crosby
Johnny Johnston Johnnie Johnson- 'That Old Black Magic' Number
Gil Lamb High Pockets
Cass Daley Mimi
Ernest Truex Murgatroyd in Priorities Skit
Katherine Dunham Katherine- 'Smart as a Tack' Number
Arthur Treacher Arthur Treacher- 'Sweater, Sarong & Peekaboo Bang' Number
Walter Catlett Walter- 'Sweater, Sarong & Peekaboo Bang' Number
Sterling Holloway Sterling- 'Sweater, Sarong & Peekaboo Bang' Number
The Golden Gate Quartette Golden Gate Quartet
Walter Darewahl Specialty Act
Cecil B. DeMille Cecil B. DeMille
Preston Sturges Preston Sturges
Ralph Murphy Ralph Murphy
Doris Ake Dancer - 'Sharp as a Tack' Number
Maxine Ardell Girl - Bob Hope Skit
Irving Bacon New England Farmer - 'Old Glory' Number
Gladys Blake Liz
Lennie Bluett Dancer - 'Sharp as a Tack' Number
Karin Booth Kate
Virginia Brissac Lady from Iowa - 'Old Glory' Number
Rod Cameron Officier
Don Castle Worker - 'Swing Shift' Number
Chester Clute Air-Raid Warden - Bob Hope Skit
Vivian Dandridge Dancer - 'Sharp as a Tack' Number

Réalisateurs Au pays du rythme

Scénaristes Au pays du rythme

Melvin Frank
Norman Panama
Fred Saidy
George S. Kaufman
Harry Tugend

Producteurs Au pays du rythme

Joseph Sistrom