Genres : Comédie, GuerreAnnée : 1962

Pays d'origine :

Durée : 1 h 27 minDate de sortie (Royaume-Uni) : mars 1962

Réalisateur :

Robert Day

Scénaristes :

Alan Hackney, Len Heath, John Warren, Paul Mills

Producteurs :

Jules Buck, Roy Simpson

Synopsis : The story takes place in Gibraltar, and is based on a local legend: if the resident Barbary apes were ever to leave, the British would lose Gibraltar. This wartime comedy has Terry-Thomas as the keeper of the apes. When one of the apes goes missing, he is required to go behind enemy lines to capture another one, or be personally responsible for the loss of Gibraltar.


Lt. 'Piggy' Wigg

George Sanders

Maj. Hobson

Jocelyn Lane

Bianca Tabori

Mark Eden

Mosquito Pilot

Mario Fabrizi

Petit homme

John Gabriel

Maj. Frink

Gerard Heinz

Col. Waldock

Bernard Hunter

Capt. Baker

Dinsdale Landen

Capt. Wellington

Howard H. Lang

P.T. Sergeant

Jeremy Lloyd

Capt. James

John Meillon


Warren Mitchell

Contact Man

Lee Montague

Miklos Tabori

Nyree Dawn Porter

W.R.A.C . Officer

John Murray Scott

Lt. Gen. Hepworth

Mark Singleton

Prime Minister's Secretary

Michael Trubshawe

Col. Marston