Auteur :

Becky Chambers
Genres : Roman, Version originale, Science-fictionDate de publication (États-Unis) : 8 août 2019Langue d'origine : Anglais

Éditeur :

Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN : 9781473697164Aussi connu sous le nom de : Apprendre, si par bonheur

Résumé : Adriane is one such explorer. As an astronaut on an extrasolar research vessel, she and her fellow crewmates sleep between worlds, and wake up each time with different features. Her experience is one of fluid body and stable mind, and of a unique perspective on the passage of time. Back on Earth, society changes dramatically from decade to decade, as it always does. Ariadne may awaken to find that support for space exploration back home has waned, or that her country of birth no longer exists, or that a cult has arisen around their cosmic findings, only to dissolve once more by the next waking. But the moods of Earth have little bearing on their mission: to explore, to study, and to send their learnings home. Carrying all the trademarks of her other beloved works, including brilliant writing, fantastic world-building and exceptional, diverse characters, Becky's first book outside of the Wayfarer's series is sure to capture the imagination readers all over the world.