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Ce spoil est un dialogue tiré du début de l'épisode 1 qui résume bien la série :)

" - A kid in a world like this ?
- Ohh that's happy thanks !
- Really, tought ... She's right that's Rook.. Things were okay a few years ago before 2008, remember back then, we used to think politics were boring ! And now I'm worry about anything, I don't know what to worry about first ... Nevermind the gouvernment, it's all those suddent bank who terrorise me, and it's not even them, it's the company, the brand, the corporation who treat us like algorithim while they go wrong by polluting the air ! And the temperature, the rain and don't get me started on ISIS ! And now we've got America, I never tought I be scared of America in millions years but we got fake news and false facts, I don't even know what's true anymore ! What's so a world are we in ? Cause if it's bad now, what' gonna be there for you ? 30 years time ? In 10 years or even 5 ? What's gonna be like ? "

A voir et a revoir et a rerevoir pour bien tout voir et revoir, merci au revoir :)

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