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Dangerous, Episode 1

S2 E1 Dangerous, Episode 1

"Astonishing X-Men: Dangerous" features X-Men members Cyclops, Emma Frost, Wolverine, Beast, Colossus and Kitty Pryde. As the group are trying to protect civilians from a huge monster with help from the Fantastic Four, a mutant teenager named Wing attending the School for Gifted Mutants is depressed because he was "cured" of his special abilities. Wing is standing on a cliff, wondering if it would return his power.

Première diffusion : 10 avril 2012

Dangerous, Episode 2

S2 E2 Dangerous, Episode 2

Fellow student Hisako Ichiki (Armor) talks to her friend Wing to not jump off the cliff because he could end up dead. Now that he is cured, he has no reason to stay at the school and can go back home. But then Hisako starts to dare him to jump and sure enough, Wing jumps to his death.

Première diffusion : 10 avril 2012

Dangerous, Episode 3

S2 E3 Dangerous, Episode 3

As the X-Men return back home, Hisako starts to panic as Wing has gone missing and other students are also other young mutant psychics can no longer feel him around. Suddenly, trouble arises and Kitty Pryde has all the students go into the danger room to protect themselves.

Première diffusion : 10 avril 2012

Dangerous, Episode 4

S2 E4 Dangerous, Episode 4

Meanwhile, not far away is a badly damaged Sentinel that has been kept by a farmer and reawakened. Still deadly, the Sentinel begins to crawl and is now wanting to destroy the X-Men. But who is controlling it?

Première diffusion : 10 avril 2012

Dangerous, Episode 5

S2 E5 Dangerous, Episode 5

As the children are huddled inside the danger room, Kitty is shocked to see all the students scared of their discovery. Wing is laying in the ground dead but automatically, Wing is reanimated and brought back to life. The Danger Room has now achieved intelligence and is now threatening to kill all the children inside the Danger Room.

Première diffusion : 10 avril 2012

Dangerous, Episode 6

S2 E6 Dangerous, Episode 6

The X-Men must now try to find a way to break into the Danger Room and destroy it before it kills anyone. But the sentient Danger Room has a plant of its own and that is to kill all X-Men.

Première diffusion : 10 avril 2012