Saison 1

6 épisodes

(1 h 18 min)

Gifted, Episode 1

S1 E1 Gifted, Episode 1

It's the series that redefined the X-Men for the 21st century! Now, relive Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's Eisner award-winning ASTONISHING X-MEN in an entirely new way! The acclaimed "Gifted" storyline starts right here!

Gifted, Episode 2

S1 E2 Gifted, Episode 2

In this episode, the X-Men confront the deadly Ord, Kitty Pryde faces off with Emma Frost and the mutant "cure" divides the team!

Gifted, Episode 3

S1 E3 Gifted, Episode 3

Cyclops pays a visit to Nick Fury while the debate over the mutant “cure” brings Wolverine and Beast claw-to-claw!

Gifted, Episode 4

S1 E4 Gifted, Episode 4

The X-Men storm Benetech and you’ll never believe what Kitty finds in the basement! Plus, with the team away, Ord invades the Xavier Institute!

Gifted, Episode 5

S1 E5 Gifted, Episode 5

Colossus returns as the X-Men go to war with Ord and the power behind the “mutant cure”!

Gifted, Episode 6

S1 E6 Gifted, Episode 6

Ord makes his final move to take down mutantkind and only the combined powers of S.H.I.E.L.D., S.W.O.R.D. and the X-Men can stop him!