Cadeby & Sussex

S1 E1 Cadeby & Sussex

In this episode, one couple battle to turn a clay-clogged building site in Sussex into a piece of Portugal. Another tackle a forest of overgrowth in their new back garden in Cadeby. They are determined to create a productive space, something they have always wanted. In the end, is all the blood, sweat and tears worth it? And what will Monty's verdict be?

Swindon & Wakefield

S1 E2 Swindon & Wakefield

In this second programme, a truck driver from Wakefield with a passion for flowers wants to create a perfect outside space for his girlfriend and burgeoning family, while in Swindon, a widow who has to leave her beloved garden wants to find the best way of turning her new bleak patch of green into an enticing cottage garden. Both have big ideas but tackling their outside spaces in one of the wettest winters on record makes the going very tough. There's plenty of mud, sweat and tears. And they also know they have a timetable to keep to. What will Monty's final verdict be?

Corris & Hayling

S1 E3 Corris & Hayling

Monty travels to two corners of the country where the challenges he faces are very different. On the south coast he is presented with a front garden ravaged by salty winds and in Snowdonia he helps a mountainside garden stuck between a rockery and a hard place. On top of that, one budget is as small as the garden, and in the other, the enthusiasts don't always listen to his advice. So what will Monty's final verdict be?

Doncaster & Walthamstow

S1 E4 Doncaster & Walthamstow

Monty helps two families create dream gardens that are as much for the children as for the adults. In Doncaster, Nikki and John want a garden full of edible plants and fruit. They have a a tiny budget, a busy life with children and the wettest winter on record to contend with. And in east London, Nicola and John have dreams of creating a model village in their front yard and a seaside garden in the back. Their knowledge of gardens and their skills are severely tested. Can these enthusiasts step up to the mark? And what will Monty's verdict be?

Bromley & Dorset

S1 E5 Bromley & Dorset

Monty faces some of the most unexpected ideas - a Norwegian garden complete with waterfalls and other big plans to be fashioned out of a tiny back yard in Dorset and nothing less than a Japanese tea garden to be created out of an overgrown patch of ground in Bromley. There's plenty of mud, sweat and tears and at times the ideas seem little more than pipedreams. Can they make it in the end and what is Monty's final verdict?