Saison 2

12 épisodes

(9 h)


S2 E1 Supercars

Jay Leno explores Robert Herjavec's iconic Countach, learns why Nick Cannon likes to drive slow in his Ferrari, gets an exclusive look at an ultra-powerful Koenigsegg mega-car, and tests comedian Alonzo Bodden's car knowledge.

Crime Fighters

S2 E2 Crime Fighters

Jay Leno explores the cars behind the world's most powerful crime-fighters.

Anything But Four Wheels

S2 E3 Anything But Four Wheels

Jay learns a lesson in this mayhem-packed episode: if a vehicle has anything but four wheels, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Anarchy on Wheels

S2 E4 Anarchy on Wheels

The sidecar-racing circuit; monster trucks; a car culture drawing inspiration from "Mad Max."

Essence of Cool

S2 E5 Essence of Cool

A motorcycle road trip with Red Hot Chili Peppers front man Anthony Kiedis; a James Bond tutorial with stunt driver Ben Collins; a tour of the Hollywood Hills with jazz legend Herbie Hancock.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

S2 E6 Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

High-performance cars with unassuming exteriors, aka "sleepers," are featured when Jay faces off against Tim Allen and his souped-up Toyota Camry. Also: cruising with David Spade; a man who transforms old buckets of bolts into works of art.

Love Stories

S2 E7 Love Stories

Jay Leno explores the deep emotional connection people have with their vehicles. Guests Vice President Joe Biden and Wrestler Bill Goldberg

Original and Unrestored

S2 E8 Original and Unrestored

Jay dives deep into the world of unrestored classic cars and the passionate collectors who pay big bucks for them.

Music and Cars

S2 E9 Music and Cars

Jay Leno explores the deep connection between musicians and their automobiles.

Old School vs. New School

S2 E10 Old School vs. New School

Jay Leno wants to figure out if cars have changed for the better...or worse.

Just Add Water

S2 E11 Just Add Water

Jay experiments with cars and water. He and pal Jeff Dunham race the fastest amphibious cars on the market, and more.

Space Age

S2 E12 Space Age

Jay explores how outer space has influenced car design, technology, culture, and our imagination.