Saison 1

8 épisodes

(6 h)

American Muscle

S1 E1 American Muscle

In this high octane series premiere, Jay Leno revisits the golden era of American muscle cars. He explores what started the trend, why they're so valuable today, and if there's a rebirth on the horizon. He visits old pal and muscle car aficionado Tim Allen, hits the drag strip with the first female Pro Stock champion, gets an exclusive look at GM's top secret 1960's concept car "The Pegasus", and drives with NASCAR legend Jimmie Johnson in his souped-up classic Corvette...all to find out why Americans will always love these powerful cars.

California Cruisin'

S1 E2 California Cruisin'

Jay hits the streets of California to figure out exactly what car culture means in the Golden State. He hangs with East L.A hot rodders, rides with one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in the country, visits forgotten hot spots along the Ridge Route, and gets an exclusive look at the Petersen Automotive Museum's secret vault.

The Driving Force

S1 E3 The Driving Force

Jay is on a mission to find out why people love cars. He connects with some famous friends, including CJ Wilson, John Hennessey and Laurence Fishburne to figure out what drives their passion... and along the way, explores his own automotive love affair.

Off the Beaten Path

S1 E4 Off the Beaten Path

Jay leaves the paved roads behind to meet some less traditional motorists and their eclectic rides. He finds his inner child in a giant Tonka Truck, explores harsh terrain with off-roading expert Amy Lerner, races comedian Jeff Dunham in an amphibious car, and cheats death with out of the box designer Baron Margo to discover how these unique vehicles fulfill their drivers’ wildest dreams.

Beasts of Burden

S1 E5 Beasts of Burden

Jay takes a closer look at vehicles that do our country's heavy lifting. He challenges an Abrams battle tank to a race at Fort Irwin, goes on a high-speed spin with the Secret Service, attempts to drive a fire truck through the winding streets of San Francisco, investigates a risky alternative to the postal truck... and through these adventures, comes to appreciate the men and women behind these machines.

Competitve Nature

S1 E6 Competitve Nature

Jay dissects some of the greatest rivalries in automotive history. He races Audi's newest driverless car, talks competition with legendary driver Mario Andretti, learns how a 1960's showdown created one of the greatest race cars of all time.... and, throughout, discovers how opposition can motivate individuals, companies, and even industry trends.

Design of the Times

S1 E7 Design of the Times

Jay tackles the subject of vehicle design from all angles. He visits Keanu Reeves' passion project ...a sleek motorcycle design studio, learns what it takes to make (and destroy) movie cars, heads to the track to study aerodynamics, and finally, back to school-to design his own car. Jay explores how a car's design is very personal, but also a product of society's values, economy, and spirit.

The Cars of Tomorrow

S1 E8 The Cars of Tomorrow

Jay visits automotive innovators who may have insight into the future. He connects with Oscar-winning director and forward-thinking gearhead Francis Ford Coppola, meets young designers who are creating vehicles that can go over 3,000 miles per gallon, and even drives a 3D-printed car...all in the effort to paint a picture of tomorrow's vehicles.