Saison 4

20 épisodes

(15 h)

In Harm's Way

S4 E1 In Harm's Way

Jay Leno explores the various reasons people may put themselves, and their vehicles, in harm's way. First, he hangs out with people who like danger just for the thrill, like Travis Pastrana and his action sport collective, Nitro Circus. Next, he meets someone who faces her fears for money: famous stunt driver Debbie Evans.

Movie Cars

S4 E1 Movie Cars

Jamie Foxx shows Jay that he's no baby driver when it comes to stunts; professional stunt driver Ben Collins finds himself trapped in a Bond chase scene, with Jay playing the evil villain; James Taylor is reunited with his car from "Two-Lane Blacktop." Also: a look at the original Mustang Steve McQueen drove in the film "Bullitt."

Any Which Way But Gas

S4 E2 Any Which Way But Gas

Arnold Schwarzenegger shows off his electric G-Wagen. Also: Jay drives a pair of outlandish turbine vehicles; and explores the military's use of hydrogen.

Over The Top

S4 E2 Over The Top

Jay enlists Terry Crews to be a guest announcer; Jay meets up with chef and car collector Guy Fieri; he meets a man and his cat co-pilot in their modified Jaguar with a Lear-jet trailer; Jay attempts to drive an insane two-direction vehicle.

The Motor City

S4 E3 The Motor City

Jay explores the past, present, and future of the automobile’s birthplace—Detroit. First, he takes Detroit native Tim Allen on a trip down memory lane and the iconic Woodward Avenue. Then Jay tests GM’s newest Corvette out on one of the world’s oldest proving grounds and discovers that this city has been kept alive—and thriving – by the passionate, hard-working people who live there.

Closed Roads

S4 E3 Closed Roads

Race-car driver Ben Collins helps Jay push a new Hyundai Kona to its limits on a high-impact test track. Meanwhile, Jay spotlights some vehicles that are too powerful for the average road, including revolutionary tanks and robots at Howe & Howe Technologies and a truck built with a Cessna airplane engine; and competes against off-road racer Bryce Menzies in a wacky soapbox race.

Down And Dirty

S4 E4 Down And Dirty

Jay learns desert orienteering with skateboarder Bucky Lasek; puts a blue-collar twist on a luxury car race with Jeff Foxworthy; goes on a training exercise with Montrose Search and Rescue; and tries a prototype electric off-road vehicle.


S4 E5 Rebels

TV's Craig Ferguson teaches Jay how to be a rebel in a British mail delivery car; Jay talks about bootlegging with NASCAR team owner Ray Evernham; and he checks out a radical hot rod Rolls Royce and a Dodge Hellcat trapped in a Prius body.

Getting Away

S4 E6 Getting Away

This episode is all about getting every sense of the word. Jay teaches punk rocker Johnny Rotten how to drive, and director Michael Mann shows Jay how 1930's gangsters got away.

Cars of the Sports Stars

S4 E6 Cars of the Sports Stars

What do you get when you mix competitive instincts, outrageous personalities and excess cash? Sports stars with fantastic cars!

One of a Kind

S4 E7 One of a Kind

Watch as Jay Leno explores the innovative, unique world of one-of-a-kind rides! Jay takes a trip with Comedian Chris Hardwick in the iconic DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future. He drives what is possibly the most dangerous one-off car ever made with Jalopnik writer Jason Torchinsky and is treated to a ride in Comedian Jeff Dunham’s “Hard Hat” car designed by George Barris.

Size Matters

S4 E8 Size Matters

Jay Leno explores the tiniest cars and biggest machines; he crushes things in a tank with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger; Jay and his tallest friend, actor Brad Garrett, go for a ride in a dwarf replica car; micro cars; the new Hennessey truck.

Rolling Sculpture

S4 E9 Rolling Sculpture

Jay explores cars that are rolling works of art; Jay and TV show host Trevor Noah take a ride in an outrageous Lamborghini Aventador; Jay meets Chris Runge, a designer who crafts works of moving art; Jay talks to custom car designer Rick Dore.

Hard Work Pays Off

S4 E10 Hard Work Pays Off

Jay meets up with some of the hardest working car people he knows, including movie director Tyler Perry, musician Richard Carpenter and race team owner Roger Penske, who rides in Rod Emory's meticulously crafted Outlaw Porsche.


S4 E11 Prodigies

Jay meets young car enthusiasts; a stunt driver goes head to head with her father; Jay visits a karting track; a youngster builds an electric car using spare parts; a teenager restores a vintage tractor; Jay meets the cutest kids in the car world.


S4 E12 Origins

Jay Leno explores how a love of cars begins; Mitt Romney's passion started with his dad, who was president of American Motors; Weird Al Yankovic has only ever loved one vehicle-his first family car; Jay reminisces about Johnny Carson.

Second Chances

S4 E13 Second Chances

Chris Evans shows off his 1967 Camaro - a car so powerful, it takes many tries to learn how to drive it; famed builder Bodie Stroud; Jay gives Adam Corolla another shot in a Porsche 935 racecar that was driven by Paul Newman.

Limited Funds Unlimited Fun!

S4 E14 Limited Funds Unlimited Fun!

Jay and comic Billy Gardell hit the road in Billy's new vintage 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible; Jay meets the creators of the Gambler 500; Jay hangs out with Donut Media's James' Pumphrey who shares his enthusiasm for the MR2.

General Badassery

S4 E15 General Badassery

Actor Josh Duhamel drives Jay's 1963 split-window Corvette, his all-time dream car; Chuck Zito introduces Jay to his heavily modified '57 Chevy called "The Beast from the East"; Jay meets an 81-year-old woman with an original Shelby 350.

Going the Distance

S4 E16 Going the Distance

Rally driver Ken Block shows off his chops; Jay and blogger Matt Farah learn about racing at Dirt Fish rally school in Seattle; riders honor the first female African-American motorcyclist to cross the country; Airstream trailer; the Land Rover.