Saison 5

11 épisodes

(8 h 15 min)

Tough Enough

S5 E1 Tough Enough

Jay showcases the world's toughest vehicles; he tests meteorologist Reed Timmer's storm-proof vehicle; Jay meets injured veterans who use high-speed racing as rehabilitation; he pushes an armored car to the limit; with comic Kevin Hart.

Cult Classics

S5 E2 Cult Classics

Jay Leno asks what makes a car a cult classic; actor Charlie Sheen shows off the Chrysler Turbo Interceptor; music artist Billy Joel shares his collection of vintage motorcycles; Jay attempts to drive the Landmaster; AMC Pacer versus AMC Gremlin.

Truly Unconventional

S5 E3 Truly Unconventional

Jay celebrates unconventional vehicles; comic Jeff Dunham races in a Seabreacher; Jay must choose which vehicle to drive in the 24 Hours of Lemons; actress Lea DeLaria drives a Vicious Mustang; inflatable DeLorean; lawnmower.

Modern Icons

S5 E4 Modern Icons

Jay and actor Tim Allen debate which vehicles are the most iconic; singer Keith Urban shows off his Pagani, while actor Brad Garrett shows off his Aston Martin; racecar driver Willie T. Ribbs tells stories about his Cadillac.

Innovations And Breakthroughs

S5 E5 Innovations And Breakthroughs

Jay explores the latest developments and newest vehicles in the constantly evolving automotive world. Comedian Jim Jefferies discovers it’s never too late to own a 1,000 horsepower electric Corvette, even one that looks like a Hot Wheels. In San Francisco, Jay takes a spin in the Phantom car-- driven remotely by someone 15 miles away! Then in Texas, Jay puts a coin in a giant vending machine and out comes—an electric drift car! At Willow Springs Raceway, engineer and builder Bisi Ezerioha hands over the keys to his souped-up minivan. And finally, Jay gets the very first drive in the brand-new mid-engine Corvette!

Sky's the Limit

S5 E6 Sky's the Limit

Since the turn of the last century, cars and planes have lead parallel lives as planes have dictated both the look and the science of cars. In this episode, Jay goes up in the air with his old friend John Travolta to discuss his fascination with airplanes and plane-influenced cars! Whether he’s using a Dodge Charger to land a U2 reconnaissance plane or blowing flames in a mind-bogglingly powerful aero-engine car, the sky’s the limit for Jay in this thrill-a-minute homage to vehicles influenced by flight.

Unsung Heroes

S5 E7 Unsung Heroes

Who do we have to thank for racetrack successes and film and TV car chases and stunts? The unsung heroes – pit crews and stuntmen! Jay will introduce you to a bunch of people you’ve never heard of, who are the real heroes of the automotive world on and off the screen. Martha Stewart shows off Edsel “Son-of-Henry” Ford’s Maine estate and they take a ride in her pristine Edsel wagon. Jay then attempts to learn the intricate dance of a NASCAR pit crew—and does a pit stop for Joey Logano during an actual race. He then transforms into a crash test dummy in a new Jeep Gladiator before doing a Dukes of Hazzard-style stunt with one of the original Duke Boys stunt men. In this episode, Jay will jump head-first into some of the most dangerous — and underappreciated — automotive jobs.

Built for Speed

S5 E8 Built for Speed

Jay has a need for speed as he talks race rivalries with his old friend Matt Damon, who stars as Carroll Shelby in the upcoming film Ford vs. Ferrari; Jay tries the all-American GT500; Avril Lavigne becomes the newest student at Jay's Driving School.

Épisode 9

S5 E9 Épisode 9

Even Tougher

S5 E12 Even Tougher

In Pursuit of Perfection

S5 E13 In Pursuit of Perfection