Saison 1

33 épisodes

(13 h 45 min)

Vindication of Yukon

S1 E1 Vindication of Yukon

Sergeant Preston must work to clear King's reputation after a murderous claim-jumper falsely (and publicly) accuses the dog of causing a prospector's death.

Rebellion in the North

S1 E2 Rebellion in the North

A greedy trapper incites an Eskimo uprising and murders an honest Hudson's Bay factor as part of a plot to monopolize the supply of valuable silver fox furs.

Trouble at Hogback

S1 E3 Trouble at Hogback

The death of an Indian brave leads Sergeant Preston and King to investigate whether sabotage could be the reason for a series of "accidents" that are plaguing the Hog Back Mining Company.

Incident at Gordon Landing

S1 E4 Incident at Gordon Landing

Law-abiding Jim Carver reluctantly offers forgiveness and assistance to his brother Harry, a treacherous ex-convict who is wanted by the Crown for the robbery and murder of an aging trapper.

Bad Medicine

S1 E5 Bad Medicine

A self-serving Chilcotte medicine man further endangers his diphtheria-stricken tribe by convincing the chief to reject serum treatment in favor of carrying out superstitious rituals and taking Sergeant Preston as a hostage.

Hidden Gold

S1 E6 Hidden Gold

When gold thieves implicate an aging and reformed ex-convict in a robbery, the old man's last best hope for vindication is the unshakable faith of a little girl.

Last Mail from Last Chance

S1 E7 Last Mail from Last Chance

To avert a panic in the mining community of Last Chance, Sergeant Preston and King must move quickly to capture three thieves who used a diversionary tactic to hijack a wagon carrying a gold shipment and a cash-rich mail delivery.

The Assassins

S1 E8 The Assassins

Aware that he is suspected of misappropriating gold-rich land, a corrupt gold commissioner schemes to cover his crimes by murdering his replacement.

Golden Gift

S1 E9 Golden Gift

Two thieves steal a coded letter disclosing the location of a fortune in gold, but they find themselves on an ironic quest to find a Bible when they learn that the code involves specific passages in the Scriptures.

Cry Wolf

S1 E10 Cry Wolf

Ruthless gold thieves target a rich claim that was reportedly staked by "Windy" Brown, a man with an understanding wife and a reputation as an incurable teller of tall tales.

Girl from Vancouver

S1 E11 Girl from Vancouver

A mendacious investor attempts to gain control of a valuable mine by killing one of its principals and framing the other for the murder.

Treasure of Fifteen Mile Creek

S1 E12 Treasure of Fifteen Mile Creek

Claim jumpers Hunch and Shanto are determined to steal a valuable mining claim document that has been concealed inside the violin of itinerant musician Jim Dallas.

The Boy Nobody Wanted

S1 E13 The Boy Nobody Wanted

Recently orphaned Denny Pickens finds that his Aunt Flora is unreceptive to taking him in, but he gets a chance to prove himself by helping Sergeant Preston in his pursuit of bank robber Cris Darby and his smooth-talking brother.

The Mad Wolf of Lost Canyon

S1 E14 The Mad Wolf of Lost Canyon

Sergeant Preston and an overconfident Scotland Yard Inspector trail a fugitive murderer into a wilderness area inhabited by a crazed and bloodthirsty wolf.

One Bear Too Many

S1 E15 One Bear Too Many

An aspiring news photographer with a curious knack for being in the right place at the right time helps Sergeant Preston and King in their pursuit of fur thieves who were responsible for the death of an Indian brave.

Crime at Wounded Moose

S1 E16 Crime at Wounded Moose

Reformed ex-convict Luke Reading is accused of masterminding a series of robberies by a gang of hooded thieves, but he becomes Sergeant Preston's ally when evidence begins to point in another direction.

Dog Race

S1 E17 Dog Race

A ruthless member of a gambling syndicate attempts to affect the outcome of the All-Yukon Dog Race by assaulting the owner of the favored team and attempting to poison his lead dog.

Phantom of Phoenixville

S1 E18 Phantom of Phoenixville

Sergeant Preston offers help to an inexperienced young couple while pursuing thieves who have tapped into the RCMP's telegraph line in order to obtain confidential information concerning gold shipments.


S1 E19 Trapped

Treacherous sneak thief Milt Strang is saved from freezing by compassionate Yukon newcomer Eileen Mabry. Strang repays the young woman's kindness by attempting to steal her husband's valuable gold claim at gunpoint.

Justice at Goneaway Creek

S1 E20 Justice at Goneaway Creek

Sergeant Preston must act quickly to prevent a lynching when struggling miner Johnny Johnson is falsely accused of murdering the man who held an overdue note on his claim.

Skagway Secret

S1 E21 Skagway Secret

In the Alaskan town of Skagway, Sergeant Preston is assisted by U. S. Marines in his dangerous undercover pursuit of a murderous fugitive and the head of a gold smuggling ring.

Relief Train

S1 E22 Relief Train

After looting a trading post and murdering the owner, two savage profiteers use the stolen food to extort gold from the starving inhabitants of a successful mining camp that was stranded from its supply chain.

Totem Treasure

S1 E23 Totem Treasure

While searching for a missing university professor, Sergeant Preston and the professor's son are taken captive by Kutchin Indians and face execution unless Yukon King can quickly find evidence that the Kutchins' "Totem Spirit" is a fraud.

One Good Turn

S1 E24 One Good Turn

An aging miner finds a rich lode with the help of his newly-acquired English partner, but the sudden wealth makes him the target of his envious brother-in-law and a murderous claim jumper.

The Cache

S1 E25 The Cache

Attempting to be the first to reach a new gold strike, greedy prospectors assault a trail-wise competitor, steal his coveted food cache, and cruelly leave him to die from wolves or exposure.

Cinderella of the Yukon

S1 E26 Cinderella of the Yukon

The abusive young widow of an elderly mine owner conspires with thieves to conceal the fact that the deceased man's gentle teen-aged granddaughter may be the rightful heir to his estate.

Gold Fever

S1 E27 Gold Fever

Concerned for his mother's safety, young Jimmy Greenwood leads murderous fur thieves on a dangerous chase over treacherous and little-used trails with Sergeant Preston and Constable Malloy in close pursuit.

The Fancy Dan

S1 E28 The Fancy Dan

A dishonest promoter with a disdain for "Fancy Dan" boxing rules schemes to abscond with the proceeds from a heavily-attended fight in the remote mining town of Wheelers.

The Coward

S1 E29 The Coward

The pusillanimous son of a crusading local newspaper publisher discovers his courage after he is abducted and threatened by the henchmen of the corrupt town boss and his dishonest attorney.

Father of the Crime

S1 E30 Father of the Crime

When a greedy mining executive files an unwarranted lawsuit against the claim of two brothers, his debt-laden son convinces one of the brothers to assist him in robbing his father's gold shipment.

Remember the Maine

S1 E31 Remember the Maine

A dishonest troupe of traveling performers plans to frame a former war hero for the theft of $17,000 in contributions intended for the families of the American servicemen who died as a result of the explosion of the U.S.S. Maine.

Love and Honor

S1 E32 Love and Honor

Constable Lee Wayne questions his own qualifications to serve as a Mountie when the brother of his fiancée is involved in a bank robbery and Wayne is unable to take the actions necessary to prevent his getaway.

All Is Not Gold

S1 E33 All Is Not Gold

Mine owner "Windy" Brown's braggadocio and his exaggeration of the size of a gold shipment put Sergeant Preston and King in danger from a pair of sneak thieves.