Saison 2

26 épisodes

(150 min)

The Paper Hangers

S2 E1 The Paper Hangers

To pay back rent, Bud and Lou wallpaper an apartment. Later as waiters in a restraunt, they brawl with hoodlums.

Uncle Bozzo's Visit

S2 E2 Uncle Bozzo's Visit

Lou's eccentric opera singing uncle comes to stay with the boys for a couple of months.

In Society

S2 E3 In Society

A wealthy society matron pays Bud to attend a formal reception and impersonate the Duke of Gluten. Lou comes along pretending to be his cousin, the Earl of Waldo.

Life Insurance

S2 E4 Life Insurance

Mr Fields takes out an insurance policy on Lou. Later, when Bud takes Lou on a hunting trip so he can get some rest, he suspects Bud and Mr. Fields want to kill him for the insurance money.

Pest Exterminators

S2 E5 Pest Exterminators

Bud and Lou are pest exterminators who are mistaken for psychiatrists when they attend to Mrs. Featherton's ""aunts"".

Killer's Wife

S2 E6 Killer's Wife

A heavyweight prize fighter named Killer thinks that Lou is having an affair with his wife. Bud attempts to get Lou trained and fit in a gym.

Cheap Skates

S2 E7 Cheap Skates

Bud and Lou accidentally buy a crate of rollerskates , not knowing that they have stolen diamonds hidden inside.

South of Dixie

S2 E8 South of Dixie

Lou accidentally lands himslef and Bud roles in a civil war melodrama.

From Bed to Worse

S2 E9 From Bed to Worse

Bud and Lu attempt to plant a backyard garden so they can win a cash prize offered by a cicvc group.

$1,000 TV Prize

S2 E10 $1,000 TV Prize

Lou wins a 1000 dollar prize pretending to be Mr. Fields, then has to get Mr. Fields out of the way so he can collect it.


S2 E11 Amnesia

Lou is in love with a girl he has only corresponded with. As a gag , Bud and his friends convince him that he has already married the girl. The woman who poses as his wife then makes his exsistence miserable.

Efficiency Experts

S2 E12 Efficiency Experts

Bud and Lou are hired to restrain their clints' daughter from spending money. The girls then turn the tables on Bud and Lou.

Car Trouble

S2 E13 Car Trouble

Lou wins a car but Bud sells it to buy a cheaper one. Using the profits Bud tries to go on a holiday in Flint, Michigan

Wife Wanted

S2 E14 Wife Wanted

Lou will inherit ten thousand dollars if he is married. Lou wants to marry a former girlfriend -who is dating named Bonebender Brodsky.

Uncle from New Jersey

S2 E15 Uncle from New Jersey

Mr. Fields is about to evict the boys. Bud convinces Mr. Fields that Lou's Uncle Ruppert is a millionaire and Lou is the sole heir. Mike the Cop begins to believe that the visiting uncle (impersonated by Lou) has been murdered.

Private Eye

S2 E16 Private Eye

Lou recieves his diploma from the Watchdo Correspondance Schooland helps a friend locate some valuable bonds in a haunted house.

The Tax Return

S2 E17 The Tax Return

Lou recieves a tax refund check for one million dollars. He takes the check to a bank and demands cash. He is subsequntly followed by home by crooks.

Public Enemies

S2 E18 Public Enemies

Lou is mistaken for a crook named Dapper Dan and is forced to take part in a robbery.

Bank Holdup

S2 E19 Bank Holdup

Bud and Lou take jobs as armed bodyguards for a couple of hoodlums and assist in a bank robbery. They use their share of money to pay their rent ,then later try to get it back from Mr.Field's safe.

Well Oiled

S2 E20 Well Oiled

Bud and Lou help Mr. Fields , who is being threatened by a lawsuit. Lou poses as a Texas millionaire to help discredit the woman.

The Pigeon

S2 E21 The Pigeon

Bud and Lou's beautiful next door neighbour uses Lou as a decoy to help break up with her mobster boyfriend.

Honeymoon House

S2 E22 Honeymoon House

Bud and Mr. Fields help Lou put together a prefab house in order to impress his fiance and her parents. A jealous former boyfriend sabotages their work.

Fencing Master

S2 E23 Fencing Master

Bud involves Lou in an experiment of a mad scientist who convinces Lou that he is indestructable.

Beauty Contest Story

S2 E24 Beauty Contest Story

Bud and Lou judge a beauty contest and pressure is applied to sway their votes.

Fall Guy

S2 E25 Fall Guy

Bud and Lou want to take two sisters on a date but thier father convinces the boys to put an antenna on his roof.

Barber Lou

S2 E26 Barber Lou

Lou trys to give Bud a rubdown following instructions from a radio show, but he's tuned into a program explainig how to paint a car at home.