Saison 3

13 épisodes

(5 h 25 min)

35 Hours

S3 E1 35 Hours

The Trouble With Teddy

S3 E2 The Trouble With Teddy

Big Pete offers to let his friend Teddy stay over while his parents are away and begins to notice just how many annoying habits Teddy has. Meanwhile, Little Pete tries to get in touch with the land.

The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky

S3 E3 The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky


S3 E4 Splashdown!

Big Pete tries to obtain the coveted position of Senior Lifeguard while Little Pete fights to abolish the hated Adult Swim. Big Pete is forced to choose between the power of the lifeguard chair and his friendship with his brother.

Dance Fever

S3 E5 Dance Fever

Crisis in the Love Zone

S3 E6 Crisis in the Love Zone

Spring fever hits Wellsville hard and everyone begins dropping like flies. Big Pete is smitten by a star member of the tennis team, Ellen realizes her true feelings for him, and Pit Stain is head over heals for Nona. Little Pete falls for Eunice Puell, the mail lady, despite his most sincere efforts to avoid love through his mantra, "Love bites." Nona is the last to go, finally falling for Little Pete. The results of this immense love web build toward a climax.

Last Laugh

S3 E7 Last Laugh


S3 E8 Allnighter

Little Pete, Monica, and Wayne get trapped in the school after it closes and are stuck for the night. They attempt to elude a fearsome school legend, who they are eventually forced to confront.

Road Warrior

S3 E9 Road Warrior


S3 E10 Pinned!

Big Pete tries to get a varsity letter and climb to the top of the social ladder the easy way by joining the wrestling team, and finds that individual sports are not a cakewalk. He trains for a confrontation at the big match with "Endless" Mike Hellstrom, and is coached by Ellen, a huge wrestling fan. However, Ellen's efforts to coach Big Pete are threatened by the school's wrestling coach, Beano Glattner.

O' Christmas Pete

S3 E11 O' Christmas Pete

Das Bus

S3 E12 Das Bus

Big Pete chooses to become schoolbus driver Stu Benedict's apprentice for the week to be near Penelope Ghiruto, while Ellen stocks vending machines.


S3 E13 Saturday