Saison 1

10 épisodes

(4 h 10 min)

Aziz Ansari & Amy Schumer

S1 E1 Aziz Ansari & Amy Schumer

Anthony reveals the best part of being pope, explores the funny side of cancer, and asks an expert about d**k pics.

Patton Oswalt & Nick Kroll

S1 E2 Patton Oswalt & Nick Kroll

Anthony shares some child mortality stats, explores what happens when group sex gets violent, and makes Patton and Nick defend their tweets.

Kristen Schaal & Billy Eichner

S1 E3 Kristen Schaal & Billy Eichner

Anthony finds the funny side of child abduction, shames the elderly and investigates Obama's sexuality.

Brian Posehn & Doug Benson

S1 E4 Brian Posehn & Doug Benson

Anthony defends Justin Bieber, chats about baby AIDS and uncovers the lighter side of necrophilia.

Andy Kindler & Brett Gelman

S1 E5 Andy Kindler & Brett Gelman

Anthony shows off his staff's diversity, discovers strip club tax breaks, and makes Andy and Brett defend their tweets.

Jeff Ross & Jonah Ray

S1 E6 Jeff Ross & Jonah Ray

Jeff and Jonah defend their tweets, discuss whether Barack Obama is Satan, and review Casey Anthony's parenting skills.

John Mulaney & T.J. Miller

S1 E7 John Mulaney & T.J. Miller

The Colorado shooter converts to Islam, bullet wounds look just like Italian food up close, and Anthony makes John and T.J. defend their tweets.

Natasha Leggero & Jason Mantzoukas

S1 E8 Natasha Leggero & Jason Mantzoukas

A California chef slow-roasts his wife, two teens try to poison their teacher, and Jason and Natasha defend their tweets.

Abby Elliott & Pete Holmes

S1 E9 Abby Elliott & Pete Holmes

Indian scientists design lingerie that shocks potential rapists, a Georgia high school has its first integrated prom in 30 years, and Pete and Abby defend their tweets.

Kumail Nanjiani & Reggie Watts

S1 E10 Kumail Nanjiani & Reggie Watts

Justin Bieber makes a Holocaust gaffe, a suspected murderer gets into the art business, and Kumail and Reggie defend their tweets.