Saison 2

13 épisodes

(13 h)

Norm MacDonald

S2 E1 Norm MacDonald

Tom goes one-on-one with Norm Macdonald, the former bad-boy of "Saturday Night Live." Macdonald -- comedian, satirist, TV host, and renowned anchor of SNL's "Weekend Update" -- is known for his controversial opinions, and off-the-wall sense of humor.

Dan Rather

S2 E2 Dan Rather

Seriously. Funny. Talk. Tom spends 60 minutes with one of the legends of television news, Dan Rather. Previously the esteemed, long-running anchor for the CBS Evening News, Rather now edits and anchors AXS TV's news magazine "Dan Rather Reports."

Andy Dick

S2 E3 Andy Dick

Seriously. Funny. Talk. Tom opens the studio doors to comedian/actor Andy Dick. A force of nature who willingly embraces the outrageous, the ridiculous and even the dangerous to get a laugh, Andy goes where other comics fear to tread.

Cheech & Chong

S2 E4 Cheech & Chong

Seriously Funny Talk! It's double the funny on TOM GREEN LIVE as Tom sits down with one of the premiere comedy duos of all time -- Cheech & Chong! Bringing their patented stoned-out humor to best-selling albums and feature films, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong lit up the nation with laughter, then carved out individual careers as TV actors on dramas and sitcoms. Now, these beloved counter-culture jesters join Tom to spark a new episode of AXS TV's TOM GREEN LIVE!

Carrot Top

S2 E5 Carrot Top

Tom is joined by cheerfully deranged stand-up comedian Carrot Top. Like an animated cartoon come to life, Carrot Top has elevated prop comedy to truly loony art and is one of the biggest stars in Las Vegas entertainment.

Sandra Bernhard

S2 E6 Sandra Bernhard

The filters are off and all systems are a "Go" as actress/comedian/singer/author Sandra Bernhard graces TOM GREEN LIVE! Talented, honest and brutally witty, she has counted Madonna and director Martin Scorsese among her admirers and collaborators.


S2 E7 Workaholics

Tom trades quips and office gossip with the three rising stars of the hit sit-com "Workaholics." Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm play conniving telemarketers on their series, but count on them to deliver the goods on AXS TV's TOM GREEN LIVE!

Jason Ellis

S2 E8 Jason Ellis

Tom mixes it up with MMA fighter, pro skateboarder and Sirius XM Radio host Jason Ellis. An X-treme Renaissance man, Jason acts in films and on TV, races trucks, sings in a band, and is author of the inspirational biography "I'm Awesome."

Kat Von D & Sebastian Bach

S2 E9 Kat Von D & Sebastian Bach

Seriously. Funny. Talk. Tom is thinking ink as he sits down with America's most renowned tattoo artist Kat Von D. And he's joined by former Skid Row frontman, quintessential heavy-metal singer Sebastian Bach.

Brody Stevens, Neil Hamburger, Richard & Mary Jane Green

S2 E10 Brody Stevens, Neil Hamburger, Richard & Mary Jane Green

Seriously. Funny. Talk. It's a full house on the latest episode of TOM GREEN LIVE with none other than Tom's real-life parents giving the inside dope on their celebrated son. Plus stand-up comic/actor Brody Stevens and comedian and singer Neil Hamburger.

Seth Green

S2 E11 Seth Green

Tom will be in his comfort zone when he's joined by actor/writer/producer Seth Green. Co-creator of the Emmy-winning stop-motion comedy series "Robot Chicken," Seth voices a host of characters on that show, as well as "Family Guy" and other cartoon hits.

Tim Matheson

S2 E12 Tim Matheson

Tom travels from Delta House to Dixie with actor/director Tim Matheson. In addition to playing one of the coolest guys on campus in the enduring hit comedy "Animal House," Matheson is the original voice of cartoon hero Jonny Quest.

Dr. Drew

S2 E13 Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew Pinsky takes a break from his practice and his considerable broadcast career to drop by for a freewheeling consultation with Tom.