S1 E1 Bet

One Chance

S1 E2 One Chance

Be My Girlfriend

S1 E3 Be My Girlfriend

Harsh Punishment

S1 E4 Harsh Punishment

Going on the Rink

S1 E5 Going on the Rink

Repaying the Favor

S1 E6 Repaying the Favor

Going on a Strike

S1 E7 Going on a Strike

One Door Opens, Another Closes

S1 E8 One Door Opens, Another Closes

New Paths

S1 E9 New Paths

Going Solo

S1 E10 Going Solo

New Skates

S1 E11 New Skates

Truths Revealed

S1 E12 Truths Revealed

Lost and Found

S1 E13 Lost and Found


S1 E14 Unexpected

Triple Axel

S1 E15 Triple Axel

Silver Medal

S1 E16 Silver Medal

Rejoining the Team

S1 E17 Rejoining the Team


S1 E18 Confrontation

Termination of Contract

S1 E19 Termination of Contract

Token of Love

S1 E20 Token of Love

The Wrong Girl

S1 E21 The Wrong Girl

New Blossom

S1 E22 New Blossom

Lingyun Cup Training

S1 E23 Lingyun Cup Training

Teamwork and Trust

S1 E24 Teamwork and Trust

Jealousy Hits

S1 E25 Jealousy Hits


S1 E26 Defeated

Standing Up Again

S1 E27 Standing Up Again

Getting Serious

S1 E28 Getting Serious

Changing Coaches

S1 E29 Changing Coaches

Hurtful Misunderstandings

S1 E30 Hurtful Misunderstandings

The Brink of Disbandment

S1 E31 The Brink of Disbandment


S1 E32 Champion

Asian Cup

S1 E33 Asian Cup