Saison 1

13 épisodes

(5 h 25 min)

A Poplar's Pride

S1 E1 A Poplar's Pride

Taneshima is concerned about her height. When Takanashi calls her "tiny and cute" again, she gets mad at him and says she never wants to talk to him again.

The Ideal Family Plan

S1 E2 The Ideal Family Plan

Yamada longs for an ideal family. In order to find out more about her potential brother, Souma, she forms the "I want to know more about Souma" gang! What do they find out?

The Reason Behind the Slump

S1 E3 The Reason Behind the Slump

Nazuna comes back from her job at Wagnaria and tells everyone that Souta has a "specia" relationship with one of the girls there. Izumi is so shocked she can’t write, and runs away from home!

Manhole Spiral

S1 E4 Manhole Spiral

Kyoko eats all the cream in the store, so Yachiyo takes her shopping. Suddenly a woman appears from beneath a manhole! The two are suprised, but then Yachiyo realizes who it is…

Wagnaria's Big Stomach

S1 E5 Wagnaria's Big Stomach

Takanashi does not like the manager. She eats too much, and she never works. But any time he tries to complain, Yachiyo intervenes. And Yamada sees this and decides she doesn't want to work either…

Hired, Fired, Tired

S1 E6 Hired, Fired, Tired

Taneshima and Satou got sick because of Yamada's screwup. To fill the hole created by their absence, Kyoko calls her juniors from school. The two of them look like they have some problems…

Bad Tuning of Love

S1 E7 Bad Tuning of Love

Inami hears from a classmate that a molestor has been appearing on the street she takes to work. And on her way in, she encounters them…!!

Oh, My Sister

S1 E8 Oh, My Sister

Sota is having problems accepting Nazuna as his little sister and begs Popura to take her place. Kirio has come to the restaurant in search of his sister, thus Soma sends Aoi on random errands to keep them apart.

Love Is So Global

S1 E9 Love Is So Global

Yachiyo is afraid of technology and doesn't even own a cell phone! Sato gets volunteered to help her buy one. While Yohei and Mitsuki visit the restaurant and start mischief.

Cell Phone, No Problem

S1 E10 Cell Phone, No Problem

Takanashi does something unthinkable to Inami causing her to stay miss days at work and school. The staff sends her mails of encouragement except Yamada, who now wants a cellphone. How will the staff solve both problems large and small?

It's Resolve, Is That a Problem?

S1 E11 It's Resolve, Is That a Problem?

Satou spends another day with Kyoko begging him for food, Yachiyo talking about her endlessly, and Mitsuki trying to interrupt them. He finally makes a resolution to himself to end his four years of unrequited love…

Daisy Dies

S1 E12 Daisy Dies

Inami's setting a new record for time without punching a guy! She hopes to get over her dislike of guys, and with Taneshima and Yamada works out a training regimen. But it comes at a great cost…

Farewell Popura

S1 E13 Farewell Popura

Is Popura thinking about quitting the restaurant!? Rumours run rampant and the staff preps for the worst. It is up to Maya Matsumoto to make things normal.