Junior Boy's Own

Junior Boy's Own est une société spécialisée dans l'édition musicale.

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  • Signaler label A Boy's Own Odyssey: Acid House Scrapes & Capers (2009)

    Sortie : 2009. 24 morceaux.

    Compilation de Various Artists

    Tracklist : Raise (63 Steps to Heaven), Stepping Stone (Ghost Dance mix), Here We Go Again (Stairway to Heaven mix), Loaded (Terry Farley re-mix), Bomba (Miles Away mix)...

    - -
  • Signaler label Junior Boys Own: A Boys Own Odyssey Volume 2 (2008)

    Sortie : . 24 morceaux.

    Compilation de Various Artists

    Tracklist : Start the Dancer, Save Us (The Jam), Theme From Outrage (Outrage dub), Praise Dance Revisited, Shame...

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  • Signaler label Junior Boy's Own: A Boy's Own Odyssey (2008)

    Sortie : . Deep house, electronique et house. 22 morceaux.

    Compilation de Various Artists

    Tracklist : What You Doing to This Girl? (Norman Jay's Good Times re-edit), Philadelphia, Odyssey (Dub Star discomix), D-Day (Uptown Anthem mix), White Powder Dreams (Funky Green dub)...

    - -
  • Signaler label 1992-2002 (2003)

    Sortie : . House progressive, techno, trance progressive et electronique. 16 morceaux.

    Compilation de Underworld

    Tracklist : Bigmouth, Dirty, Mmm Skyscraper I Love You, Rez, Spikee (Vector's Long Knives Edit)...

    - -
  • Signaler label Dinosaur Adventure 3D (Single) (2003)

    Sortie : . Electronique, ambient et tech house. 2 morceaux.

    Single de Underworld

    Tracklist : Dinosaur Adventure 3D (R.C.M. version), Dinosaur Adventure 3D (Funk D'Void vocal remix)...

    - -
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    Signaler label A Hundred Days Off (2002)

    Sortie : . Electronique, ambient, downtempo, deep house et house. 10 morceaux.

    Album de Underworld

    Tracklist : Mo Move, Two Months Off, Twist, Sola Sistim, Little Speaker...

  • Signaler label Two Months Off (Single) (2002)

    Sortie : . Electronique, ambient, trance progressive et house progressive. 3 morceaux.

    Single de Underworld

    Tracklist : Two Months Off (radio edit), Two Months Off (King Unique Sunspots vocal mix), Headset...

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    Signaler label On the Surface (2001)

    Sortie : . Electronique, breaks et downtempo. 8 morceaux.

    Album de Abraham

    Tracklist : God, Traditional Height, Fools Day, Back From the Freak, The Answer...

    - -
  • Signaler label War on Plastic Plants (2000)

    Sortie : . Rock, expérimental, rock alternatif, big beat et electronique. 15 morceaux.

    Album de Regular Fries

    Tracklist : The Program, High as the Music, Blown a Fuse, Eclipse, London Eye...

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    Signaler label Everything, Everything (Live) (2000)

    Sortie : . Electronique, ambient, tech house et techno. 8 morceaux.

    Live de Underworld

    Tracklist : Juanita / Kiteless, Cups, Push Upstairs, Pearls Girl, Jumbo...

  • Signaler label Smokin Cigars With the Pharaohs EP (EP) (2000)

    Sortie : . Big beat, electronique, leftfield et rock. 4 morceaux.

    EP de Regular Fries

    Tracklist : Africa Take Me Back, Zachary Swan, Hells Angle, Fused...

    - -
  • Signaler label Bruce Lee (Single) (1999)

    Sortie : . Electronique, hip-house, downtempo, deep house et expérimental. 4 morceaux.

    Single de Underworld

    Tracklist : Bruce Lee (Short), Bruce Lee (The Micronauts remix), Cups (Salt City Orchestra's Vertical Bacon vocal), Bruce Lee (Dobropet)...

    - -
  • Signaler label Dust It (Single) (1999)

    Sortie : . Electronique, downtempo et leftfield. 3 morceaux.

    Single de Regular Fries

    Tracklist : Dust It (short version), Vega, Dust It (Brothers in Sound Jack Chicken mix)...

    - -
  • Signaler label King of Snake (1999)

    Sortie : . Techno, big beat et electronique. 4 morceaux.

    Album Remix de Underworld

    Tracklist : King of Snake (Barking mix), King of Snake (Ashley Beedle's Save Our Discos re-edit), King of Snake (Dave Clarke remix), King of Snake (video)...

    - -
  • Signaler label Accept the Signal (1999)

    Sortie : . Trip hop, big beat et electronique. 12 morceaux.

    Album de Regular Fries

    Tracklist : Agar, Dust It, King Kong, The Girls, Dream Lottery...

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