Pitchfork: Top 20 Albums of 2001

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  • The Glow, Pt. 2 (2001)

    Sortie : . Lo-fi et rock. 20 morceaux.

    Album de The Microphones

    Tracklist : I Want Wind to Blow, The Glow, Part 2, The Moon, Headless Horseman, My Roots Are Strong and Deep...

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    Endless Summer (2001)

    Sortie : . Ambient, expérimental, electronique et glitch. 8 morceaux.

    Album de Fennesz

    Tracklist : Made in Hong Kong, Endless Summer, A Year in a Minute, Caecilia, Got to Move On...

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    Since I Left You (2000)

    Sortie : . Musique abstraite, leftfield et electronique. 18 morceaux.

    Album de The Avalanches

    Tracklist : Since I Left You, Stay Another Season, Radio, Two Hearts in 3/4 Time, Avalanche Rock...

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    Leaves Turn Inside You (2001)

    Sortie : . 14 morceaux.

    Album de Unwound

    Tracklist : We Invent You, Look a Ghost, December, Treachery, Terminus...

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    Circulatory System (2001)

    Sortie : . Rock, rock psychédélique, rock indépendant et pop rock. 22 morceaux.

    Album de Circulatory System

    Tracklist : Yesterday's World, Prehistoric, Diary of Wood, Outside Blasts, Joy...

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    Amnesiac (2001)

    Sortie : . Rock, expérimental, rock alternatif et electronique. 11 morceaux.

    Album de Radiohead

    Tracklist : Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box, Pyramid Song, Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors, You and Whose Army?, I Might Be Wrong...

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    Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is OK (2000)

    Sortie : . IDM, expérimental, electronique et glitch. 10 morceaux.

    Album de múm

    Tracklist : I'm 9 Today, Smell Memory, There Is a Number of Small Things, Random Summer, Asleep on a Train...

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    White Blood Cells (2001)

    Sortie : . Rock, rock alternatif, blues rock, rock indépendant et rock garage. 16 morceaux.

    Album de The White Stripes

    Tracklist : Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, Hotel Yorba, I'm Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman, Fell in Love With a Girl, Expecting...

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    Mass Romantic (2000)

    Sortie : . Rock et rock indépendant. 12 morceaux.

    Album de The New Pornographers

    Tracklist : Mass Romantic, The Fake Headlines, The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism, Mystery Hours, Jackie...

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    Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives (2001)

    Sortie : . Breaks, IDM, downtempo, expérimental et electronique. 16 morceaux.

    Album de Prefuse 73

    Tracklist : Radio Attack, Nuno, Life Death, Smile in Your Face, Point to B...

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