Saison 1

13 épisodes

(6 h 30 min)


S1 E1 Pilot

No New Friends

S1 E2 No New Friends

Jenna joins a modern-day virgin group; Tara tests her acting skills by taking part in an improv group; Kelly struggles to get along with a new employee in the PR firm.

Go Hard or Go Home

S1 E3 Go Hard or Go Home

Kelly lands a big client for the firm, but then quickly loses him when her competitive nature takes over; Jenna adds a video component to her blog and helps steer a young girl on the right path; Tara tries to create her own reality show.

Back on Top

S1 E4 Back on Top

Jenna snoops around in Donovan's apartment and finds something that could permanently alter the course of their relationship. Meanwhile, an indie movie Tara appeared in years ago resurfaces and Kelly continues her dysfunctional relationship with Rick.

Slaying Your Dragons

S1 E5 Slaying Your Dragons

Jenna gets upset when a former co-worker profits from a blog idea she stole from her. Meanwhile, Kelly runs into her ex who is now engaged and Tara avoids a director who wants her to play the role of a mother.


S1 E6 Extra

Conflicts arise when Jenna and Donovan decide to be each other's wingman for a double date. Meanwhile, Kelly tries to discourage Tara from posing for a risque magazine.

Secret Garden

S1 E7 Secret Garden

Kelly learns her mother is seeing a much younger man; Tara begins dating a man she thinks may be "the one," until she discovers something disturbing about him; Jenna seeks advice from a sex expert for her blog.

The Fight

S1 E8 The Fight

Kelly's plan to host a fight party is put in jeopardy when Jenna experiences writer's block; Tara faces a waxing dilemma and a major mishap occurs.

Off to See the Wizard

S1 E9 Off to See the Wizard

Jenna lands a dream job ghostwriting for one of her heroes, but things get uncomfortable when her new boss becomes a little too comfortable. Meanwhile, Tara tries to soften up Kelly's aggressive dating style and sets her up on a blind date.

Sex, Kings and Wigs

S1 E10 Sex, Kings and Wigs

Home, Sweet Old Folks Home

S1 E11 Home, Sweet Old Folks Home

Home, Sweet Old Folks Home

S1 E11 Home, Sweet Old Folks Home


S1 E12 TBA