Saison 3

16 épisodes

(12 h)

Made in America

S3 E1 Made in America

Jay talks to former president George W. Bush about his Ford pickup; races Wanda Sykes in a minivan; takes a ride with Billy Gardell; and checks out Gabriel Iglesias' Trans Am.

Larger Than Life

S3 E2 Larger Than Life

Jay cruises around Las Vegas with Brad Garrett; goes on an adventure in J.B. Smoove's Lincoln; works up an appetite in a giant hot-dog car; drives an oversize VW Bug; and heads out on a training mission with Marines in a V-22 Osprey.

Losing Control

S3 E3 Losing Control

Jay competes in a drifting race against his nemesis Tim Allen, learns the finer points of "mudding" in Georgia, slides over snowy slopes in a race against Katherine Legge, and participates in his first demolition derby.

Victory Lane

S3 E4 Victory Lane

Jay challenges Alonzo Bodden to a dirt-bike race; and gets pointers from IndyCar champ Scott Dixon. Also: an interview with a former champion racer who became the first quadriplegic with a driver's license; an inside look at a famous U.S. off-road race.

Outside the Box

S3 E5 Outside the Box

Dedicated to the vehicular rule-breakers; Jay cruises in a 1969 Pink Panthermobile and chats with legendary customizer Ed Newton; inside Jeff Dunham's wacky garage; giant art car made for Burning Man; Cadillac-turned-hot tub; car made from cannabis.

Child at Heart

S3 E6 Child at Heart

Car lovers who never want to grow up; Michael Strahan and Josh Duhamel surprise a special little kid; four-story, motorized fire-breathing dinosaur; Pixar's John Lasseter takes Jay on a tour of his 85-acre playground; grumpy comedian Jeremy Hotz.

Hand Made

S3 E7 Hand Made

Jay visits the Old Crow Speed Shop in Burbank, Cal., and takes a vintage belly-tank racer onto a dry lake bed; and talks about Bentleys with comedian Russell Peters. Also: an automotive repair program for troubled youth; a ride with a wedge car designer; a surprise for an iconic Porsche customizer.

Keys to Happiness

S3 E8 Keys to Happiness

Jay rides with actor Dax Shepard in his 1994 Buick Roadmaster; races with rallycross driver Bucky Lasek; delivers pizza in Papa John CEO John Schnatter's 1971 Camaro; donates a customized car to a disabled veteran; and manages road rage with a yogi

The Car My Father Drove

S3 E9 The Car My Father Drove

A tribute to fathers and the cars they drive includes an interview with Richard and Kyle Petty. Also: a visit to the Riverside County Fair in California to learn the art of tractor pulling with a father-daughter duo; a woman who restored a Mustang and an airplane with her dad; a Shelby family reunion.

The Next Generation

S3 E10 The Next Generation

Jay Leno hits the road to examine the next generation of all things automotive. He becomes the first customer to receive Ford's new race-winning GT, tries teaching old style bikes new tricks while off-roading with comedian Alonzo Bodden and checks out a vehicle that can become anything you want on the big screen. Then he meets up with legendary newsman Ted Koppel to give him the inside scoop on the latest NSX and tests out the next in a line of powerful race bikes. Throughout, he learns how we can honor the past while still moving forward.

In Harm's Way

S3 E11 In Harm's Way

Jay Leno explores the various reasons people may put themselves, and their vehicles, in harm's way. First, he hangs out with people who like danger just for the thrill, like Travis Pastrana and his action sport collective, Nitro Circus. Next, he meets someone who faces her fears for money: famous stunt driver Debbie Evans.

Any Which Way But Gas

S3 E12 Any Which Way But Gas

Jay explores the most exciting alternatives to standard fuel, meets up with Arnold Schwarzenegger to check out the Governator's G-Wagon, and goes deep into rural California to revisit a time when burning wood could run cars.

Closed Roads

S3 E13 Closed Roads

Jay meets famed driver Ben "The Stig" Collins to drive a 2018 Hyundai Kona, explores tanks and robots, climbs intense inclines in a Jeep Wrangler prototype, and competes against race car driver Bryce Menzies in a soapbox race.

More Power

S3 E14 More Power

Jay Leno chases down some of the most powerful vehicles around and finds out what automotive power really means – from moving fast to moving mountains.

Living the Dream

S3 E15 Living the Dream

Jay Leno sets out to fulfil automotive dreams and along the way meets up with fellow comedians Bill Burr and Adam Carolla

Getting Away

S3 E16 Getting Away

Jay teaches punk rocker Johnny Rotten how to drive for the first time; director Michael Mann shows Jay how 1930s gangsters escaped; filming a car chase; a family who models their Truckster after the "Vacation" films.