Saison 1

28 épisodes

(4 h)

Val McCallum

S1 E1 Val McCallum

Val McCallum frankly discusses his celebrity parents and family tragedies as well as his long career as a songwriter and consummate studio musician.

John Krasinski

S1 E2 John Krasinski

He was a lovable everyman on "The Office," but actor John Krasinski is also a driven writer and director who doesn't always fit the Hollywood mold.

Blake Mills

S1 E3 Blake Mills

Blake Mills is an intellectual who's been a pop-rock musician since age 13. He talks about writing songs that openly express his life, no matter what.

Aimee Mann

S1 E4 Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann riffs on her childhood and how she went from barely knowing how to play guitar to becoming a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter.

Robert Downey Jr.

S1 E5 Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. opens up about his unorthodox early life and his storied career, from his approach to playing Charlie Chaplin to being Iron Man.

Tony Hawk

S1 E6 Tony Hawk

The world's greatest skateboarder talks career, injuries and his post-competition life with his foundation and billion-dollar video game series.

Dave Grohl

S1 E7 Dave Grohl

Few rockers can boast a pedigree that goes from Nirvana to Foo Fighters, but drummer Dave Grohl has done all that and says he still feels like a kid.

Judd Apatow

S1 E8 Judd Apatow

His mega-hits include "Knocked Up," but the show that defined him was cult classic "Freaks and Geeks." As Judd Apatow tells it, it fit him to a tee.

Laura Dern

S1 E9 Laura Dern

Laura Dern is an actress who knew what she wanted at age 7. She talks about career choices and dedication to her craft over big box office success.

Stacy Peralta

S1 E10 Stacy Peralta

Stacey Peralta talks about launching skateboarding as a sport, getting rich, then popping a career wheelie to make films like "Dogtown and Z-Boys."

Martin Short

S1 E11 Martin Short

Some comics are drawn to comedy by unhappy childhoods; Martin Short was not, as he relates in stories about his funny family and classic characters.

Will Forte

S1 E12 Will Forte

Coming off his critically acclaimed role in "Nebraska," laid-back "SNL" alum Will Forte expounds on his surprisingly straightforward life and career.

Michael B. Jordan

S1 E13 Michael B. Jordan

Starring in "The Wire" when he was a teenager, actor Michael B. Jordan talks about "Fruitvale Station," versatility and transcending typecasting.

Sarah Silverman

S1 E1 Sarah Silverman

Edgy comic Sarah Silverman talks openly about what shaped her life and career, from struggling with depression as a teenager to writing for "SNL."

Matt Damon

S1 E2 Matt Damon

Ed Helms

S1 E3 Ed Helms

Jackson Browne

S1 E4 Jackson Browne

Judy Greer

S1 E5 Judy Greer

Jeff Bridges

S1 E6 Jeff Bridges

Taylor Goldsmith

S1 E7 Taylor Goldsmith

Laird Hamilton

S1 E8 Laird Hamilton

Jon Brion

S1 E9 Jon Brion

Jason Sudeikis

S1 E10 Jason Sudeikis

Chris Pine

S1 E11 Chris Pine

Jessica Chastain

S1 E12 Jessica Chastain

Will Ferrell

S1 E1 Will Ferrell

Ethan Hawke

S1 E2 Ethan Hawke

Jon Hamm

S1 E3 Jon Hamm