Saison 2

8 épisodes

(3 h 20 min)

Amy Schumer & Jim Norton

S2 E1 Amy Schumer & Jim Norton

Anthony learns the ins and outs of necrophilia, we learn the history of the great Panel, football player Aaron Hernandez covers his murderous tracks, and Amy & Jim defend their tweets.

Kumail Nanjiani & David Koechner

S2 E2 Kumail Nanjiani & David Koechner

Anthony explores satanism, David Koechner has it out for Ariel Castro, and we explore Craigslist.

Adam Pally & Casey Wilson

S2 E3 Adam Pally & Casey Wilson

We see just how racist the internet can be, Adam Pally & Casey Wilson ponder George Zimmerman's future, and can you guess someone's problem just by their mugshot?

Doug Benson & Rob Huebel

S2 E4 Doug Benson & Rob Huebel

Batman and Superman are teaming up, we're facing a nationwide sperm shortage, and chats with some experts about drunk driving.

Joan Rivers & Dave Attell

S2 E5 Joan Rivers & Dave Attell

Anthony goes after Islam, Joan Rivers explains why Old Sex is the best, and Dave Attell finds his inner Latino.

Eric André & T.J. Miller

S2 E6 Eric André & T.J. Miller

Anthony critiques celebrity fashion, TJ Miller gets under Anthony's skin, and Eric André has plenty of surprises of his own.

Thomas Lennon & Marc Maron

S2 E7 Thomas Lennon & Marc Maron

Anthony is joined by Thomas Lennon and Marc Maron, and takes a look at body dysmorphia and plastic surgery in the segment "Sacred Cow."

Nick Kroll & John Mulaney

S2 E8 Nick Kroll & John Mulaney

Anthony is joined by Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, and plays thegame "How Many Things?"